Who is Perley N. Churchmouse and Why Does He Love RVing?

Checkout Perley's boots. You can tell he's from Maine!

Who is Perley?

Caroline is a 'mouse whisperer' and tells us...

Perley turned up unexpectedly in my life. Sure, I'd heard of church mice but I'd never met one before. He visited the snack table one day after church, much to our surprise since we were still eating the food. I guess he was a little impatient and had an empty corner in his belly that needed filling.

Next thing I knew, I began receiving cryptic notes in my pew. The mouse had something he wanted to tell me. As I read his notes, I discovered that Perley and I had much in common. Both of us on the small side, with pointy noses and a sweet tooth, and the love of a good tale (or is that tail?). We began a correspondence that grew as our ability to understand each other increased.

Before long, I was helping Perley share his stories about our church and about God's love. His stories multiplied quickly until he had the makings of a book. His stories, his humor, his simple wisdom, all combined to help our church keep its doors open during some pretty dark days.

Before long, as his fame spread, I'd walk down the street of our small town and folks would stop me and ask how Perley was doing. Letters arrived addressed to Perley, inquiring about the health of his family. Once a check arrived made out to Perley who doesn't even have a bank account.

It's a strange calling being a Mouse Whisperer. It's something I never aspired to. But Perley, well, he's a very special mouse. We've become quite close now. His growing fame hasn't spoiled him. He knows famous author mice still have to clean their own mouse holes. And he always keeps his love for God and his neighbors foremost in his mind. It seems we can all learn a thing or two from a mouse.

Fix yourself a nice cup of sunflower tea, grab a piece of Dot's famous carrot cake, curl up in the sunshine with Perley's book and watch the time melt away. And don't forget to read his stories to your little mice and grandmice. You might think his stories are just for grown up mice but he'd like it if you shared them with your little folks, too.

Perley has always wanted to travel!

Why does he love RVing?

Perley is one of our favorite mice of all time. There just something about him that we're sure that you'll discover when you start reading his letters. So, when we decided to travel America in our RV we naturally wanted him to come along. We we're sure if he'd want to leave his mousehole, but when we asked him to come, he jumped at the chance, literally! He ran up my leg and jumped on my lap.

I asked him why he was so excited to go when we thought he would prefer his snug haven. He said, ''Are you kidding? Lark's Nest may seem like a smaller home to you, but to me it's going to be a maison! 

Perley, like Caroline and Mike is a writer, and a blogger. Join us on our journey as we chronicle  positive stories of the people we meet on the road!