Natchez Trace State Park, Tennessee

About the Park

Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal Program approximately 48,000 acres of land were purchased in the area of the park. This purchase provided jobs for many people. Programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration established many of the buildings still being used today and laid the foundation for what is now Natchez Trace State Park at the core of the large tract of public lands.

The park's hiking trails, range from a one-half mile up to 4.5 miles, and a 40 mile overnight trail. The trails wind through the forest and fields and along the lakeshores and streams of Natchez Park. Visitors also enjoy the museum that features local and park history, picnic facilities, camping, cabins and lodges, boating and the park’s restaurant.


WILDERSVILLE, Tennessee - November 24, 2018 - We had a quiet Thanksgiving at this well maintained and very large (over 48,000 acres) state park. Full hookups with excellent water pressure. We hiked a lot and just relaxed, which was easy to do since there was no cell signal and hence no Internet. No news was good news, plus we made lots of headway on our reading. The lake was drained for winter maintenance but we did have a picnic at the beach! Next stop; Arkansas.