Red Rock Canyon Park, Hinton, Oklahoma

Lark's Nest and Faith White Horse

RED ROCK CANYON - Hinton, Oklahoma - December 3, 2018 - This area was our first true 'alien' landscape on our journey to the South West, and it signals a lot more to come. It is one of those things that are much more grand in person than on video. What will the Grand Canyon be like? Stay tuned, we're getting there!

Red Rock Canyon State Park is located 1 mile south of Hinton in Caddo County, Oklahoma.[Before the settlement of Oklahoma, the area was used by Plains Indians as a winter campsite. The canyon was a stop on the California Road where settlers would gather fresh water and repair their wagons. Wagon wheel ruts are still visible in the park. The canyon has the only remaining site of native Caddo maple trees.
Park activities include rappelling down the canyon, walking on nature trails, hiking on an rocky trail, and fishing. There are picnic areas and group picnic shelters, a playground, a swimming pool and bathhouse. There are tent and RV campsites inside the canyon. The park and surrounding area have good opportunities for fall foliage-viewing.