Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park, Hinton, Oklahoma - April 14, 2019

Red Rock Canyon, Hinton, Oklahoma - April 14, 2019 - We visited here on our way west last November, and what a difference two seasons make! We stayed two days this time, but we would have lingered here two weeks if we had the time. This place is truly an oasis. If you get the chance you should stay here -- you won't be disappointed!

Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful example of nature's artwork in Oklahoma. Wind, water and natural forces have shaped 260 million-year-old deposits from the Permian geological period Into the natural sculpture you see today. Before the mid-1800s, Plains Indians used the canyon as a winter camp. Game was abundant, the Water was pure and clean and it was an escape from the cold prairie winds, just as it is today.

The canyon became a landmark on the California Road. During the 1849 California Gold Rush, the westward leading road was a haven for weary travelers. It provided fresh water, grazing for livestock and a place to rest and repair their wagons. In 1956, the Hinton Kiwanis Club donated the land, known as Kiwanis Canyon Park to the state. The park was renamed Red Rock Canyon State Park.


(video: Gared Findley)