The Donnabeth Lippman Park(formerly Chaffin Pond Preserve), Windham, Maine

The Donnabeth Lippman Park

The Donnabeth Lippman Park formerly known as the Chaffin Pond Preserve is a 123 acre wooded area in northern part of Windham. There is a 10 acre pond of the property that is a great fishing hole for all ages.

The Donnabeth Lippman Park offers easy walking on packed earth through wooded areas and around the edge of Chaffin Pond. The park's main trail loops around Chaffin Pond, but there are also trails on the east side of the pond that leave and connect back to the main loop. A trail extension on the north side of Chaffin Pond leads to Mud Ponds. These trails on the back side of the pond can be very wet during the spring season; however, these trails are an easy family hike that is in a great natural setting. Picnic tables and benches near the trailhead make this a great place for a picnic.