Virgil Parris Forest - Packard Trail Buckfield, Maine

Packard Trail, a two-mile loop designed to support year-round activities. The gentle trail is punctuated by views of South Pond, small waterfalls along two prominent streams, and geological features such as whalebacks, talus slopes, and glacial erratics.

The trail is named for the Packard family, who settled here in the mid-1800s. The farmstead’s foundations and family cemetery are on site. Daniel Packard was given this land in Buckfield as compensation for his service in the Revolution. Daniel was born in Bridgewater, Massachusetts in 1749 and married Elizabeth Connelly of Cork, Ireland during the war. Daniel died in Woodstock, Maine in 1836, and is buried there. It is said that Daniel and Elizabeth were the prototypes for James Fennimore Cooper’s Sergeant Hollister and Betty Flannigan in Cooper’s novel The Spy. Please respect the family’s history and archaeological traces for others to learn from and enjoy. Trail Info