Why ''Smaller Home, Bigger Back Yard''?

Caroline & Mike, ''Smaller Home, Bigger Back Yard''

WRITTEN by Mike Corthell

A lot of people say they would love to give it all up, sell their house, sell most of their belongings, give up their ‘normal life’ and travel the country. Well...we just did! We turned to each other and said, ''Do we want to have more stuff or more freedom?''


From the time of the very first travelers and explorers people have had a yearned for the same thing. They wanted freedom. And that is no different today. I think many (if not most) people want this. We all want the freedom to do the things we want to do and do it when we want to do it. No boss breathing down their necks and telling them what to do or when they can take a break or go on vacation.

There was a time, not too long ago, that the only people who were full-time RVers were people over 65 and retired. That is no longer true. Now more and more younger people are enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle and making the money on the road to support their new found lifestyle and FREEDOM.

Freedom of the open road and seeing the majesty of North America are the primary reasons why Caroline and I are head out to see what is just around the next turn or just over the next hill. And there are other reasons.


We have embraced living minimally. Mostly to lessen our impact on the environment, which fits very well within our Vegan philosophy, but also to live more abundantly. Less means more believe it or not.

How will we earn a living on the road?

Caroline is an author who has written ten books to date . Through our company Lark's Haven Publishing we will be continuing to market them. My talented wife is also writing more inspiration novels, plus a historical fiction novel about the Salem witch trials.

We have also recently started an E-commerce store called, ''Old New England Maps''. Old New England Maps is a division of our main company, Lark's Haven Publishing. We have a passion for history and a fascination with old maps, books, and documents. We are dedicated to preserving and reproducing important historical works for historians, genealogists, historical fiction authors, and history enthusiasts.

And as soon as we are officially on the road we will be interviewing the people we meet along the way for our new YouTube channel, coincidentally named ''Smaller Home, Bigger Back Yard''.

So, please follow us as we travel America and chronicle our RVing dream. We will seek out what is positive in America and present it in books, on our website, in our blog and on our video series. The journey begins very soon...join us!

Be positive, and let your dreams take flight!


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