Cumberland Mountain State Park, Tennessee


Cumberland Mountain State Park is situated on the Cumberland Plateau, a segment of the great upland, which extends from western New York to central Alabama. It is said to be the largest timbered plateau in America. This 1,720-acre park was acquired in 1938 as a project of the Farm Security Administration to provide a recreational area for some 250 families selected to homestead on the Cumberland Plateau.

The Homestead Museum, located one mile from the park, depicts the Cumberland Homestead Community of the 1930's. This community built the park along with help from the CCC and WPA.


CROSSVILLE, Tennessee - November 21, 2018 - We took a nice 2 mile stroll around around this beautiful state park this afternoon. Penny lead the way like a sled dog in a race! I think all the 'alien' scents drive her forward. Surprisingly, there are quite of few camping here considering it's Thanksgiving. We're off to Natchez Trace State Park tomorrow, another Tennessee State Park.